21 Signs You're an Empath? Workshops for Healers, Light-Workers & Sensitive People

Are you an empath, healer, introvert or highly sensitive person? Take our short quizzes, workbooks, guides, workshops & daily exercises to learn how to survive and THRIVE as a highly sensitive person in difficult times.

Spiritual Growth Workshops

Short, fun and engaging courses, guides and workbooks on mindfulness, magic, meaning & mojo! Personality quizes, purpose prompts, workbooks, and simple spiritual growth practices you can use in your daily life to cultivate more calm, confidence, presence, purpose & PEACE in your every day life.

psychic devlopment for empaths

NEW: Empath Development Workshop

A brand new content collection & series for empaths, healers, light workers and spiritual seekers.

Empowering DBT Cards

A beautiful set of 13 Affirmation Cards for cultivating calm, purpose, presence and peace in any situation.

369 MANIFESTING For Self Transcendence

Attract abundance, and manifest the life you love with a simple, sacred spiritual system ideal for empaths, healers and light workers.

meditation for beginners

NEW: Empath Quiz & Workbooks

A complete set of premium workbooks for empaths, healers, spiritual seekers, HSP's and other special personality types.

For Healers (Career Tips)

Workbooks and career tips for healers, light workers and enlightened entrepreneurs.

Empath Manifesto

Our community manifesto for the helpers, the healers, the true teachers, and spiritual seekers. (new career community launch in summer 2022)

gratitude workbook

Empath 2022 Survival Guide

A complete series of tools, tips, prompts and exercises for empaths and spiritually sensitive people.

empath life prompts

100 Life Prompts for Introspective Empaths

Download a series of provocative questions, introspective exercises and passion prompts for awakening your best self & living a life you love.

369 manifestation method explained

369 Manifestation Guide

100 page manifestation workbook! Discover the #1 manifestation method with hundreds of thousands of fans, followers attracting their ideal life every day.

Are light workers enlightened?

*10 Types of Light Workers

What type of light worker are you? Learn how to determine the kind of healer, light worker or spiritual teacher you are....and how to develop, refine and improve your gift.

affirmation cards for kids

100 Empowering Affirmation Cards for kind Compassionate and Curious Kids!

Download a brand new fun collection of inspiring affirmation cards for raising empowered, kind, curious, self aware compassionate kids!

girl power art

Empaths Only! Inspirational Affirmations and Self Discovery Workbooks for Empaths & Healers on a Mission

Join Us for empowering self discovery tools for empaths, healers and spiritual seekers.

Are light workers enlightened?

Free Psychic Reading by Phone

Are you an empath? Get a free psychic reading (or empath personality test consultation) by phone - 6 minutes only, 100% free.

what do empaths see

The #1 Community for Professional Empaths & Healers

Are you an enlightened entrepreneur looking to start a new career as a helper, healer, inspirational author or community leader? Ask us ANYTHING about getting started on a new more meaningful career in 2022. (email)

Spirit Affirmation Cards

A divine collection of spirit affirmation cards, lovingly created by author, artist, medium and professional tarot reader, Angela Li. Download, print and enjoy!


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